Interoperability Test Bed Guides

The Interoperability Test Bed Guides provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions to help with common tasks for various steps of the conformance testing process. Each guide is designed to take between 5 and 30 minutes with minimal prerequisite knowledge or tools.

How to use these guides

These guides are designed to be used in two ways:

  • As a training resource to improve your understanding of steps in the conformance testing process.
  • As hands-on and focused documentation on how to achieve common tasks.

Prerequisites in terms of knowledge and tools are listed at the beginning of each guide (in What you will need sections) but are typically minimal. In addition, the purpose of each guide is to help you on specific tasks, not provide complete documentation or cover all possibilities. Further and more complete resources are listed in each guide’s summary (in See also sections) and also in the Further information section at the end of this overview.

Available guides

The available guides are organised thematically in tracks that typically have a logical order. You can follow these in sequence or you can jump directly to the one that interests you. When a guide builds upon the results of a previous one you will always be presented the choice to go back and complete it step-by-step or skip the details and download any required resources you would need.

Track: GITB Test Description Language (TDL)

Develop test suites using the GITB Test Description Language (TDL).

Title Guide: Creating a test suite
Audience Test developer.
Description Create a GITB TDL test suite with one test case to address a fictional testing scenario. The test case includes requesting input from the user and validating it.
Title Guide: Messaging in test cases
Audience Test developer.
Description Create a GITB TDL test suite to include test cases for sending and receiving content over HTTP. Properties of the communication are validated as well as the exchanged content.

Track: Test bed operation

Manage a test bed’s installation and operation as well as its supporting services.

Title Guide: Installing the test bed
Audience Test developer, test bed operations’ staff.
Description Install a new test bed instance for production or development use.
Title Guide: Updating the test bed
Audience Test developer, test bed operations’ staff.
Description Update a test bed instance to the latest release.

Track: Test bed use

Use the test bed as a tester or an administrator to carry out conformance testing and monitor progress.

Title Guide: Defining your test configuration
Audience Community administrator, test bed administrator.
Description Use the test bed’s interface to define the specification you want to support and upload a test suite for it. Manage also your user community by create an organisation and user account for users to start testing with.
Title Guide: Executing a test case
Audience Tester (organisation administrator or user).
Description Connect to the test bed to select the specification you want to conform to, execute a test and inspect its results.

Further information

The available guides cover specific tasks and consider typically simplified scenarios that showcase only a fraction of what could be achieved. To explore the full potential of the test bed and access its complete documentation you are invited to check the resources listed below for further information: