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Metadata for European Public Services
Public Service Data Validator
This validator is a proof-of-concept demonstrating a potential shared validator for EU specifications and National extensions linked to Public Service data validation.

This service allows you validate Public Service data against the specifications linked to the Single Digital Gateway and specifically its Catalogue of Services. Access to this service is anonymous and no data, nor validation reports, are retained following its use. The service is also offered via SOAP API and REST API (for machine-to-machine integration), Docker image (for on-premise use), and command line tool (for scripting).

The content to validate can be provided as a file, a URI reference, via editor, or via query to a public SPARQL endpoint. A detailed user guide is available here.

Click here for a detailed reference of the core specification rules and their National extensions.

This service is powered by the Interoperability Test Bed, a conformance testing service offered by the European Commission's DG DIGIT for projects involved in the delivery of cross-border public services. Find out more here.
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